drome wearable

Light Source

2 multicolor RGB LEDs 256 levels per color High intensity white flash LED


LR1 (N-type) Run time >3 hours with average use

Customizable everything

Customizable wristband strap Customizable housing design Customizable housing print

drome base station


Less than 30 ms 20 Hz refresh time Connectable with standard DMX devices


868 or 915 MHZ (software adaptable) license-free in most countries in the world


Over 300 meters (inside stadium-like building and outdoor)

Hook up to your DMX 512 light controller

Works with standard DMX 512 devices.

Instant action

No delay, the Drome displays your light effect instantly.

The rainbow on your wrist

The brightest full colour LED in the market.

DMX 512 lighting equipment

Integration of Drome is as easy as it gets. You can use your own gear using the DMX512 industry stanard. Use preprogrammed lighting effects, or make your own!

Drome Base station

The drome base station transmits wireless signals for the wearables to receive.

Drome Wearable

The drome wristband will display the effect instantly. Party on!


Engage your visitors with their personal lighting system. Since 2013 we deliver a unique exciting experience in lighting systems: Drome Surround Light. We developed the plug-n-play system by ourselves with our two passions: technology and partying.


Download the Drome Manual

Check out the manual for more technical details. Please fill in the form below and the download link will appear.