Drome up your party

The future is now

The Drome LED wristband is the future of live entertainment. 

It creates a richer involvement of the audience to the show by making them part of it. The wristband consists of bright multi-colour LEDs and an ultra high intensity white strobe LED. A high-energy battery system in combination with state-of-the-art LEDs result in effects that will light up the whole venue. Effects like smooth colour changes and rapid ultra bright strobe flashes will make the audience go wild!

Guide of Light at Amsterdam Light Festival

Patched with 45 Dromes, the Guide of Light show you the best light sculptures of the Amsterdam Light Festival.





Holiday on Ice

Dromes were used to brighten up the show of Holiday on Ice @ Rostock, Germany.



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Drome @ Tivoli RAUW

Joost van Bellen draait Tivoli gek. Iedereen een drome, iedereen uit z’n plaat.

Dat krijg je met die vette bandjes. Join the party now.





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